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Comprehensive care for you and your family

Primary Care Clinic in Dallas, Oregon

Treating Patients Beginning September 2021

Praxis Health is pleased to announce the opening of our newest clinic, Dallas Family Care, expanding our mission to serve the community. The clinic, located in the heart of Dallas, is slated to open in September 2021.

Expanding service to Polk County marks the continued growth of an independent medical group focused on providing the highest possible level of care here in the Pacific Northwest. As an organization that is family owned and operated, we believe in the importance of delivering community-oriented care. We recognize that patients have a choice in their health care providers, and we want to earn your trust as that clinic of choice. 

We are committed to honoring the values of Dallas by providing outstanding and compassionate care. For ongoing information about the expansion, please continue to visit our website.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family

-The Team at Dallas Family Care


The Provider Team

We are excited to have a dynamic and community focused group of providers founding our Dallas Family Care clinic (Click Here for More Info About our Team) The team brings deep roots in the community and over 110 years of combined experience in family medicine. We welcome past and present patients to visit our “Establish Care” page to become a patient at our new clinic. While we are opening our doors in September, you are welcome to start the process now.

Charles Essex, MD
Christopher Edwardson, MD
Faith Shinn, FNP
Julia Balcom, DNP
Stephen Chaffee, DO


Becoming a Patient

If you are interested in becoming a patient at our clinic, please click on our Patients page for instructions on how to register, request records transfer, and for scheduling.


Transferring Your Records

Please click on our Patients page for instructions. Salem Health patients will not need to complete a release of information form as our clinic is working with Salem Health to make this transition as easy as possible and save you the step of filling out this form.